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Endometriosis refers to when the uterine lining, or endometrium, grows outside the uterus and begins adhering to other nearby structures, such as the ovaries, bowel, fallopian tubes, or bladder. The breakdown bleeding of this tissue each month can cause scar tissue or endometriotic lesions. While no one knows for sure what causes this tissue to grow outside the tissue, we know that endometriosis is stimulated by hormones. Though the condition is non-cancerous, it can cause pelvic pain, infertility, pain during intercourse, abdominal tenderness, or pain in the pelvic region during exercise. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or if you have a family history of endometriosis, give us a call at 717-840-9885 or Click here to have one of our friendly staff reach out to you to schedule an appointment or answer your questions.

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Understanding Endometriosis

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