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Time to Get Ready for Some Fourth of July Fun!!


The Fourth of July can be about so many great things: food, family, and fun. Follow the ideas below to have a weekend with both action and relaxation:

For You

      Get your nails done: especially a pedicure, since it’s the perfect time to show off those toes.

      Hit up a summer blockbuster you know your kids or spouse wouldn’t want to see, and eat all the popcorn you like.

      Check out some musical events near you, and grab a friend to go.

      Sip wine on the porch or in the yard with a great book and some jazz music on softly.

      Hit up a local coffee shop and linger over delicious pastries and people watching.

      Head to the outlets, mall, or just your favorite store for some sweet deals.

For Your Family

      Cook together – have everyone plan to make their favorite dish, but rather than bringing them separately, make them together.

      Game night – whether it’s a raucous good time or quiet, thoughtful strategy, a game night gives you the chance to show off your skills and laugh a lot.

      Pie breakfast – yes, that’s a thing. The day after the picnics, everyone brings their leftover pies over and you chip away at the scrumptious offerings with coffee.

      Movie night – stay in, Netflix an old favorite or Redbox a new one, fill your living room with blankets and pillows, and get cozy. With candy, of course.

      Play ball – or any sport. Head to a nearby park and use the ball field, the tennis courts, or even just a wide lawn for some croquet or bocce ball.

Regardless of what you choose, you know you’ll have a great time. Let go of your stressors, grab a drink of choice, and sink in for some good times. If you’d like to hear other ideas for living life to the fullest, set up an appointment to visit us by giving us a call at 717-840-9885 or clicking on the button below. 



Dr. Julie Drolet

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