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Do You Want to Have Fun in the Sun?

Try adding these activities to your calendar for better, more active weekends and a great summer!

Out and About

  • Cycling: Best to build core and leg strength. Head to a bike shop to buy some clip-on shoes, practice in the grass (in case you fall while you’re practicing unclipping), and focus on both the down and the up of the pedal for the best workout.
  • Kayaking: If you’re new, aim for a calm river or lake. Dress in wicking fabric or a rash guard to keep from chafing, hold a paddle with your hands about 24 inches apart, and make sure you are holding the longer edge of the paddle on top. It’s a great core and mid-back workout.
  • Rock climbing: Make sure your climbing shoes fit tightly, and practice your grip and skills closer to the ground at first. Focus on your legs to move around the wall, using your hands only for balance. Great work for shoulders and arms.
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Make sure you have liberally applied sunscreen, and start in quiet, flat water. Beginners can use larger boards to learn to balance, and start on your knees first while paddling. Then slowly stand while the board’s moving; it’ll be easier than standing while the board is still. This is an intense core stability workout.
  • Caving: Hiking through caves is a great adventure. Make sure you have sturdy boots and old clothes, and a guide will provide you with a helmet and head lamps. Bring a sweatshirt because it could get chilly, and be prepared to do some getting around on your hands and knees, and maybe even army crawling.

These are only some of many fun summer activities that can keep you fit and having a good time. To find out more ideas that are right for you to stay healthy, schedule an appointment with us by giving us a call at 717-840-9885 or clicking on the button below.




Dr. Julie Drolet


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