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Outside Exercises To Reduce Stress

While many days you might get up determined to keep the anxiety at bay, sometimes it seems like you’ve failed within a few minutes. We’ve given you some tools this month to combat that, and we thought we’d also provide some hands-on material to help you achieve that goal.

Exercise is probably one of the most sure-fire ways to keep your spirits up. And while thinking of hitting a treadmill in a sweaty gym, motivating yourself to take a group glass with the instructor shouting out things you don’t understand, or trying to schedule in time for some long outdoor hike might seem daunting, you can do a quick workout at home inside or in your yard and see results (just in time for bathing suit season!).

The Outdoor Pick-Me-Up

You’ll need: a mat or towel and a timer.

  • 10 long jumps – jump the length of your mat or towel, then run back to start and jump again.
  • 10 pushups – on your knees or feet, if you can do it.
  • 15 sumo squats – squats with your feet wider than your hips.
  • 15 burpees – squat, put your hands on your mat, jump into a plank position, jump feet back, stand up, and jump with your arms overhead.
  • 20 bicycle crunches – lie on your back with your knees up, and then twist and crunch to one knee and then the other.
  • 20 mountain climbers – start in a plank position, and alternate driving your knees into your chest, with your hips low to the ground.

Time yourself, and do the workout at least once a week, trying to beat your best time.

If you’re not sure exercise is worth it, or you feel too busy, try it out. You’ll likely find that ten or twenty minutes most days of the week are worth it for both your physique and your emotions.

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Dr. Julie Drolet

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