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A Mom Does Not Equal Anxiety

As a mom, or anyone who grew up with a mom, anxiety seems like an inescapable part of everyday life. Sometimes we might even worry when there is little to no cause for concern, or spend precious energy anticipating disasters or even focusing on how to get through the day. Many of us have no idea how to stop the cycle of the anxiety that hits at the start of every day.


And with the month including Mother’s Day, anxiety can skyrocket. Does the card have the right sentiments? Can you summon up the right emotions for the day without also pulling up all the baggage you might have from childhood? Will your mom be critical of anything you try to do, or maybe just not really respond?


As moms and daughters, we know anxiety will often hang around every corner. Whether it’s fear of the unknown, worry about the choices our kids make, or things feeling unstable in general, so many of us constantly worry.


Manage It

●    Eat nutritious meals; they will boost your energy and keep you emotionally balanced.

●    Limit alcohol and caffeine intake, which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks.

●   Take time for you, whether it's yoga, your favorite jam, getting a massage, or going for a walk.

●    Look for laughs, since smiling will make you feel instantly better.

●    Learn your triggers by keeping a journal, and look for a pattern.

●    Exercise regularly to keep feeling good about yourself and release those endorphins.


We all face anxiety. But we can choose to let it run our lives, or make it step into the background.


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Dr. Julie Drolet


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