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Quiz: How Sleep Deprived Are You?

When asked, a lot of people say that they get enough sleep. Maybe not as much as they like, sure, but enough to keep going.  Many of us only think we’re getting enough sleep. Take this quick quiz to see if you’re in a sweet spot or if you should hit the sack earlier to keep your body in prime health.

Are You Getting Enough?


For each question, give yourself a score of 0 – 3 (0 for never, 1 for sometimes, 2 for often, and 3 for always).

  1. I sleep through the alarm clock.
  2. I have morning grogginess.
  3. I need caffeine to help me wake up in the morning.
  4. I have difficulty concentrating.
  5. I turn down social engagements because of fatigue.
  6. It is difficult to keep my eyes open while driving at night.
  7. I fall asleep within five minutes of going to bed.
  8. I am forgetful during the day.
  9. I am irritable with family members and coworkers.
  10. It takes me longer to get things done.
  11. I experience the mid-afternoon slump.

If you score between 0 and 9, well done!  You’re getting enough sleep! If you score between 10 and 24, you are on your way to being chronically sleep deprived. Take a look at some of your habits to see if you can prioritize sleep a bit more. If you scored between 25 and 36, you are definitely having trouble with sleep deprivation and should talk to someone about ways to change your habits.

We’ll be reviewing these questions as a team, and seeing how we can support each other in staying healthy through sleep. If you’d like to hear some tips and tricks to keep you more well-rested, click on the button below to make an appointment. 


Dr. Julie Drolet

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