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Don't Break the Habit!

You’ve been doing great with your goal this year! Kudos to you. But maybe now you’re wondering how you keep it up for another month, or even the rest of the year. Or what about come July when you realize you want to re-focus again? You got this. Here are some tools to help.

  • 21habit: an app that lets you not only keep track of reaching your goal, but can motivate you with cash to do so. You can either use the free version, or pay $21 to use the committed mode. In that mode, you’ll get $1 back for each day you succeed, and donate $1 to charity for each day you fall short.
  •  Aherk: A service that sets you up for social pressure. You set your goal and then let your Facebook friends decide if you’ve reached it. And if not, the app will upload a compromising photo of you to the social media site.
  • Habitform: Also a social interaction, this app tracks regular actions until you form a habit. It will send you a daily reminder, and you can join public groups of people working on similar goals. For free, you can work on one habit. For $9.95/year, you can have an unlimited amounts of goals with all the bells and whistles of reminders and interaction from other users.
  • StikK: An app that has you create a commitment contract for your goals. You add a stake – some sort of investment or something you’ll lose if you don’t meet the goal, and then are subject to a referee to judge your accountability.
  • Weekplan: Many of us are better at completing things if they’re added to our calendar. With this app, you have a weekly window with time added to focus on your goal, break it down into weekly achievables, and mark to-dos as important or as urgent.
  • Goalmaster: Some of this app is standard for a goal-setting software, but this comes with reminders, stats, and a way to share both your goal and your results on Facebook. And as a perk, you’ll see motivational quotes as well!

While you certainly don’t have to be tied to technology to complete a goal, things like daily reminders, social sharing, stat calculations, and motivational quotes can certainly help you get there! If you find yourself at a loss a few weeks down the road, it’s OK to restart, or come up with a new, more manageable goal. Set a timeline, action steps, and find your sweet spot to help you stay committed.

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Dr. Julie Drolet

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