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Track Your Progress

It’s awesome that you’ve been working hard at reaching a new goal. If you’re looking for a better way to keep track of your progress, there are a myriad of apps and online tools you can use to keep yourself motivated. And also, you’ll be able to look at your kick-butt progress. Test these out and find one that’ll keep you moving forward.

Best Goal Tracking Apps

  • Lifetick: Track multiple goals, work on plans and action steps for each one, and review your progress. It even uses graphs and charts to quantify your path. You can filter goals by topic, and the app is free for up to four goals. For more, it’ll be $20 per year.
  • Goalscape: This service has similar break downs and reporting to Lifetick, but arranges the information in concentric circles, sorting by importance. You can separate the goals out as well. Use a template or create your own action plan. Available via the web as well as Windows, Mac, and iPhone apps. A 14-day free trial is available, but then it will require $63 annually for the web use or $114 annually for the other versions.
  • Mindbloom Life Game: It turns goal tracking into a game, offering suggestions and mapping your goals by area of your life. The app also allows you to collaborate and share progress, using both a web application and an iPhone app.
  • Joe’s Goals: This is one of the most simple apps you can use, and it’s easy to navigate. Add your goals and action steps to a calendar, and then just check it off every day. Works with both positive and avoidance goals, and it’s easy to see your progress at a quick glance.
  • Milestone Planner: This one is more useful for group projects than for individual goals. You can drag and drop tasks to organize them together, and easily run a report to see what items are finished and the timeline for when they are due. It can send reminders and let you assign tasks. You can use it for free with three goals, or pay $14/month for the pro version.

Whatever tool you try, we are sure you’ll succeed at reaching your goals this year! For other ideas on how to get there, give us a call at 717-840-9885 or click on the button below to make an appointment. 


Dr. Julie Drolet

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