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How Do You Get There?

Now that you’ve settled on a goal, how can you make sure you get there? At first, you are so focused its easy, but after a few days, it might be hard if you haven’t incorporated it into your routine. Follow these ideas to help you on your path to meet your goal.



Step One, Step Two

  • Track your goals however it best works for you: marking on a calendar, using an online to-do list, or even a pen and paper each day.
  • Involve your friends by partnering together on the same or similar goals. A 30-day challenge where you can compare notes and text each other when you’re done can be fun.
  • Get an accountability partner. It doesn’t have to be someone you’re completing the goal with, but someone who will definitely check in with you regularly.
  • Don’t break the chain. Every day that you take an action toward completing your goal is another day closer to achieving it. So even when you don’t feel like it, try not to break the chain.
  • Review your goal monthly. Sit down after 30 days and measure your progress, see if you need to adjust your goal, or think of new actions to take if you’ve been floundering on how to get there.

Along the way, write down what you’re proud of, what didn’t work, and any new goals or action steps you plan on taking. It doesn’t matter if your goals are about health and fitness, spiritual change, learning how to let go, ways to improve your family life, or anything else you’d like to work on – you have the strength to get there!


We’re planning on incorporating some of these ideas into our own personal and business goals this year. For more ideas on how to improve your life, give us a call at 717-840-9885 or click on the button below to make an appointment. 







Dr. Julie Drolet

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