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Are your holidays about joy, or about stuff?

As the rush of the holidays continues, we have the drive to overdo everything. And, as many parents realize, our kids aren’t the only ones who have trouble resisting temptation. Buying your child the perfect presents that you know they will absolutely love is now inexorably tied to how we celebrate holidays.

But as the holidays seem to swirl with more pressure and materialism than ever before, many families are beginning to carve out deliberate steps to combat it. Try out these possibilities to limit the focus on things, and instead redirect it to a focus on family, quality time, and traditions.

Less is More

  • Tone down the technology. Set aside specific times when you’re together with your immediate or extended family and there are no cell phones, tablets, iPods, etc. Maybe watch an old Christmas movie together, head out walking to view neighborhood holiday lights, or play a game instead.
  • Limit the number of presents per child or per family member. And encourage one or more of those presents to be from one child to another, not just from Santa or parents.
  • Pick out a charity that you will support as a family each season. Whether it’s through a financial gift, hands-on serving, or sending presents to others, this will reinforce the giving part of the season.
  • Decide as a family to spend money on experiences rather than on more gifts. You can visit a light display, cut down your own Christmas tree, go caroling, or see a live holiday show. The memories will last longer than the stuff.

We’ll be getting out “It’s a Wonderful Life” and looking into local organizations to support as we work on this list as well. For more ideas on how to bring your life into the right focus, give us a call at 717-840-9885 or click on the button below to make an appointment. 

Dr. Julie Drolet

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