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Cysts of Concern?

Many women develop ovarian cysts. While some do not affect you and dissolve on their own, others can cause painful periods or intercourse. Some might even cause ongoing pain.


What is a cyst?

An ovarian cyst is a small sac formed with fluid inside, existing inside or on the exterior of your ovaries. Sometimes they form when the sac holding an egg doesn’t break and release it, or when the sac reseals itself after the release of an egg during ovulation. Both of these types of cysts, known as functional, resolve themselves in a few weeks and are rarely cancerous. Other types of ovarian cysts develop when uterine lining-like tissue forms outside of the uterus or when multiple eggs grow cycle after cycle in the same sac but are not released.


What symptoms should I look for?

Signs of an ovarian cyst can include pressure or pain in your abdomen, pain during sex or your period, breast tenderness, or nausea. Call your gynecologist to discuss any issues like this. Your doctor can perform an ultrasound, or run hormone level or blood tests to determine the cause of the issue. If you seek treatment, it can include minor surgery to remove the cyst or hormonal birth control pills to prevent more cysts forming.

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Dr. Julie Drolet

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