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During the time in her life when your daughter begins to rely on and look to her friends for advice, you can still plan to spend time together to keep your relationship strong. Know that becoming more engaged with her peer group is a normal development step, and not a reflection on your parenting or relationship.  

A little pampering is a great way to spend time together while you chat about your lives. A pedicure, manicure, or a facial can be great options. Going out for some food that's different than the norm – perhaps a special place you always go together – could be special and fun. Something like a tea shop, frozen yogurt place, or taco truck can be tasty and memorable. If your daughter enjoys cooking or baking, you can look through recipes together and tackle the ones you find. You could also head to a movie together, go for a walk, or even just make it a point to chat as you drive her to and from her activities.

Whatever way you choose to try to bond with your daughter, know that remaining consistent is paramount. While teens often seem hard to communicate and connect with, consistency has shown to be the one important ingredient in relationships with them that builds trust.

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