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What Treatments Might Help

If you suffer from frequent urination, you’re not alone. Whether from childbirth, lifestyle habits, or as a symptom of a larger issue, many women face several trips to the restroom throughout the day, which can get in the way of you staying on top of your routine. Along with lifestyle changes such as what food and drinks you consume, maintaining a healthy weight, and performing kegel exercises, there are a few treatment options you can talk with your doctor about.

  • Bladder training means you’ll be taught ways to increase the length of time between feeling you need to use the restroom and actually doing so. Usually a several-week course, this might happen in tandem with pelvic floor training. 

  • A physician might recommend pelvic floor training, assessing your ability to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and putting you on a routine.   In order to help “hold your urine” when an urge comes about at an inopportune time. 
  • Medication to tamper your urges, usually begun at a low dose to test effectiveness and adjusted as needed. 
  • Neuromodulation therapy: if behavior and muscle trainings or medication doesn’t work, your doctor might discuss with you the option of using electrical impulses to change how your nerves respond to certain signals.

Have you tried tracking your urination patterns, kegal exercises, and every other technique under the sun without seeing results? It may be time for you to speak to a physician to get to the root of your frequent urination. Give us a call today at 717-840-9885, or fill out this formfor someone to contact you.

Dr. Julie Drolet

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