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Managing Frequent Urination

While it’s never fun to face frequent urination, there are several steps you can take every day to help manage your symptoms, and hopefully cope with the occurrence.

  • Pay attention to how much you drink. While you should never be dehydrated and you should drink when you’re thirsty, try not to drink  More than 8 glasses/day unless exercising strenuously.

  • Keep track of your fluid intake in writing. Write down everything you drink for a week, and how much. Keep track of the times you drink, and also the times you visit the restroom. You might notice a pattern in what’s causing more trips. The tracking can also help your doctor diagnose and treat the issue.

  • Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, which are both diuretics and will make you urinate more often.

  • Eat foods high in fiber, which can keep your bowels empty and from pressing on your bladder.

  • Aim to maintain a healthy weight, because excess weight can stress your bladder.

  • Perform kegels, exercises tightening the muscles you use to stop urination, to help with urinary incontinence.

Do you have a technique that helps you control your urges? Share with us via private message on our Facebook page and we’ll post it as an anonymous tip to help other women.


Dr. Julie Drolet



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