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Frequent urination plagues many women. At times, it’s caused by harmless (and even good!) practices in your daily life – such as drinking lots of water. The symptoms can be from a mild problem, or be telling of a larger issue.

Some situations that can cause you to need to visit the restroom regularly:

  • Prolapse or dropped bladder
  • Changes in your muscles or nerves that control your bladder
  • An infection or  chronic inflammation of your bladder
  • Certain medications or beverages
  • Conditions that can increase your urine production such as diabetes
  • Bladder stones or tumors

Depending on what is causing your frequent urination, the problem is often paired with other issues, such as pain while urinating, difficulty urinating, losing control of your bladder, or the strong urge to urinate. More than one of these symptoms might occur regularly. If you are experiencing frequent urination with one of these effects as well, make an appointment to see your doctor. If frequent urination by itself is causing disruption to your life, also consider talking to your physician. After talking with your doctor, he or she will likely order some testing.

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