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One thing most women seem to regret every year: not taking enough time for ourselves, whether it’s to work on our relationships, relax a little, or broaden our horizons. It’s important to meet our many obligations as women, but it can be equally as important to make sure you are at the top of your game, both for yourself and those around you. Follow some of these tips to recharge and have the best year ever.

  • Treat “me time” as a priority. You wouldn’t skip a doctor’s appointment for your child or a work responsibility – and those are essential to keep everyone functioning. Consider whatever refuels you or relaxes you to be just as important. Whether it’s a night out with the girls or 20 minutes of yoga daily, put it in your schedule just as seriously as anything else you do.

  • Insert “productive” relaxing activities into your everyday life. Helping with homework, filling out paperwork, or waiting in line? Give yourself a foot massage with a massager kept nearby, rub luxurious lotion on your hands and neck, or read a book.

  • Take advantage of those who can help you with your children or your to-do lists. Get your groceries delivered, or visit a store or a gym with childcare provided. Ask for partners with any events you’re coordinating or ask someone else to run an errand for you.

  • Say no sometimes. Whether it’s to a child, helping out a friend, or taking on an extra responsibility, learn to be OK with saying you’re already booked or need to slow down.

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