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Beauty Comes From Within


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. ~ Coco Chanel

You’re more beautiful than you think.

If you describe yourself and your features, you might not use complementary words. Maybe not negative words, but not something like “really open, friendly eyes.” You might say you have a large forehead, an overly round face, a jutting chin.

When others who know you or even those have just met you, they would probably describe you differently. They lack that inner critic that you hear in your head when you look at yourself.

In this Dove commercial from a few years ago, a sketch artist asked women to describe their facial features, which he sketched without seeing their faces. Then he asked other people who’d just met the same women to describe their faces. See what happens with the portraits – it’s very revealing:


That perspective is a good one. We often view ourselves through the lens of negativity – we’re not pretty enough, don’t spend enough time on our health or appearance, aren’t happy enough, aren’t good enough.

But those who know us have a different impression. And it’s a good one. We should remember not just our flaws, but our think about our good qualities.

Let’s change that, today.

Think about yourself, and what people like about you. Sit down and make a list. And then use those words as powerful reminders when you find yourself thinking not good thoughts.

Every day can have some happiness and confidence in it. If you’ve got an issue that’s been affecting your lifestyle, make an appointment today to get it looked at!

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Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. We’ll help you see yourself through more positive eyes if we can address any health issues you’ve been facing. Come in soon!

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