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Mud Hits the Spot


We must change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden. - Goethe

This time of year, I swear there’s mud everywhere. I can’t get to my mailbox, I can’t get through a parking lot, and I can’t get to my hairdresser without stepping through it. Of course, always in my favorite shoes (well, one of my favorite pairs of shoes. There are several :)

When I was little, mud was a very important part of my life. This is pre-shoe obsession, of course. There was an area in our yard that would get a little swampy this time of year, and I had a very special recipe I would follow to make my renowned mud pies. I would steal my mom’s baking tins and mix up the ingredients (mud, worms if I could find them, sometimes I’d have to get some more water to get the right consistency). Now, my block wasn’t very large at the end of a small street, but it’s still true that I made the best mud pies in the neighborhood.

Along with mud puddles and mud pies, Spring brings with it so much more. A refreshing feeling, new life everywhere, more sunlight, birds singing all the time. I love every bit of it.

As you enjoy the new life of Spring, think about how a trip to the doctor can help you enjoy the season. You can get your annual checkup and make sure there are no signs of something sinister, ask questions about your health that might have been bothering you, check on any meds you’re on or update your birth control to a better fit for your lifestyle. Get your visit out of the way and you can really enjoy the season knowing you’re refreshed as well!

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Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. Grab a latte and read a magazine while you’re in our waiting room – a few moments to yourself!

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