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That Talking Snowman


It’s all about being healthy, feeling good about yourself, and having a lot of fun!

Brrrr, it’s cold out there! Does anyone remember what the groundhog saw this year? Is spring coming??

While we wait it out, check out this hilarious snowman prank. How would you react?? I think I’d pee my pants a little!


Pranks aren’t for everyone, but do something fun with friends this weekend. Get out of the house and leave your slippers behind for a moment. Go shopping! Try that new restaurant! Sign up for a new gym or art class.

While you’re at it, add “visit the doctor” to your list. If you haven’t had an annual checkup in a few years, now’s the time. So many health situations can be avoided or quickly solved if caught early. Schedule a visit today with the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. A healthy you means more energy to enjoy whatever you like – whether it’s going out and having a blast or staying warm and cozy indoors!

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