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When the Snow Piles Up


When there’s snow on the ground, I like to pretend I’m walking on clouds. - Takayuki Ikkaku

Since winter is fully upon us, it’s OK to wallow a little bit (for those of us missing flip-flop weather).

If you’re waking up in the dark and cold and then stepping into the icy outdoors, it’s hard not to curse the weather a little bit. But just think, your day probably won’t be as bad as this guy’s:


The moral of the story is probably to always have a scraper both inside and outside of your car in case you need it. And maybe a hat. And maybe enough paid time off to just give up and go back inside.

If you’ve been feeling like this guy did after he thought he’d finished, you may have something up with your health. Hormones, pelvic pain, or urinary issues – we can help.

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Dr. Julie Drolet

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