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Quick Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season


Hello holidays! I’m happy to see you.

Now we really dive into the holiday season. The lights, the carols, the meltdowns… oh, aren’t those a part of your holiday celebrations? When I was growing up, about halfway through a holiday weekend, someone in my family would lose it. My little brother, from having way too many sweets, would be completely hyper and then crash. My mom would get so fed up with the demands on her from all sides that she’d inevitably be crying in the kitchen. And there was always a relative who made a political comment and got the whole family into an uproar.

Of course, today’s holidays are more laid back. Just kidding. We seem to cram SO much into every weekend, every evening before Christmas. It’s a jolly mayhem, but sometimes not so jolly.

The good news is that we can calm things down this season and have a much more mentally and physically healthy holiday season. It’s definitely an intentional choice, but one I think you’d agree is worth it to feel peaceful instead of frazzled.

To keep your body going strong, try to limit sugary treats to once a week, and only small servings. Feeling bloated, hyper, or having a sugar crash isn’t something we want to feel like all the time, but it often happens when there are desserts everywhere we turn.

For your mental health, aim for keeping “white space” in your calendar. Don’t book every weekend evening. Don’t book an entire weekend day! Save time to sit by the Christmas tree and read, drink hot cocoa, or watch Elf and laugh. Have someone else wrap your presents. Do all of your shopping online and avoid the crowds. Get a Christmas-berry red pedicure and drink some eggnog!

Make sure you take some time to focus on your mental and physical health this season – you’ll be rewarded.

If you’d like to chat about what you can do to ensure you stay healthy, or have a medical question that’s been nagging at you but you haven’t had time to address it – make an appointment now for the new year! Then you’ll feel comfortable knowing you’ll be getting everything checked out soon.

Schedule a visit today with the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. If you haven’t felt at the top of your game, there are lots of reasons that could be causing it. We can check your thyroid, iron levels, or talk about hormone regulation. Make an appointment today!

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