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Fact vs. Myth – Is Tubal Reanastamosis Right For You?


No one is you and that is your superpower.

Sometimes, life throws a curveball. It happens to all of us.

For a variety of reasons, you might have gotten your tubes tied in the past. But maybe things changed? Life may have taken a different path.

If you’ve been considering tubal reversal surgery, known as tubal reanastamosis, you may have heard some rumors, so we’re here to set the facts straight!

Myth #1: Surgery to reverse tying your tubes can cause heavy, painful periods

Sometimes, having your tubes tied can cause heavy or painful menstruation, along with up and down emotions. Reversing that through surgery does not change the flow.

Myth #2: Having a tubal reversal means you’ll have twins or triplets

Both fertility drugs and in-vitro fertilization procedures increase the risk of having twins or triplets. A tubal reanastamosis does not affect that risk.

Myth #3: IVF will be a more successful option than a tubal reversal surgery.

There are many factors that go into this, but it all depends on the type of tubal ligation, age, and other pelvic conditions of the woman.

Myth #4 Tubal reversal surgery is very costly.

While the procedure is not often covered by insurance, it can be much more affordable than other fertility treatment options. The surgery is normally an outpatient surgery, with a patient going home the same day. The one-day and one-time treatment keeps the costs lower than other fertility treatment options.

Myth #5: A tubal reversal procedure means future pregnancies have a high risk of being ectopic (in the fallopian tubes and not viable)

There is about a 10 to 15 percent chance of ectopic pregnancy following tubal reanastamosis, but careful monitoring regularly can detect them early and avoid potentially severe complications.

If you (or a family member or friend) are thinking about tubal reversal surgery, it’s a real possibility to help with future family plans. Schedule a visit today and we can talk it through!

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Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. Tubal reversal surgery is one of many services we provide for women. If you’ve had any trouble with pelvic pain, UTI’s, or heavy bleeding, we can help!

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