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You Wouldn’t Think I’d Admit That


Don’t just fly; soar. - Walt Disney

Believe it or not, I know that coming to an annual gynecological exam might not be everyone’s favorite thing to do. I know, you wouldn’t think I’d admit that.

But for Lynn List, she shared with us that she does enjoy her annual visit!

We go out of our way to really listen to our patients, not just process another chart on our schedule. We remember that all women are different. While we face many of the same ups and downs in life, our bodies have all been through different things, and have gone through that path differently. We make sure we find out exactly what you as an individual patient are going through, what concerns you might have, and take the time to talk with you.

For Lynn, she always feels cared for when interacting with our staff, and has a good time on her visits because we treat her as a partner in her health, rather than a process or just one patient of many.

If you’re looking for individual care that pays attention to your needs instead of just running through the day, schedule an appointment with us today!

Schedule a visit today with the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. We take our patients seriously and make sure their concerns and wishes are front and center. Come in for a visit and see!

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