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Don’t Take a Beating


I tend to feel so much healthier in the summer – whether because of being outside and around the sun more, or because I’m getting more fresh air, or because I’m out and about doing things unlike winter, when the thought of leaving my house after dark makes me cringe (Who wants to take off their slippers and sweatpants? Not me!).

But regardless of how we feel, some parts of our health actually are worse. Let’s take a quick look at those that might affect you:

  1. Diabetes: for those who inject insulin regularly, it can be more dangerous in the summer. Insulin is absorbed into the bloodstream faster when you’re warm. So monitor your blood sugar levels more closely than usual to make sure your glucose levels aren’t too low.
  2. Kidney stones: one in ten will suffer from kidney stones. In the summer they’re more common, as we’re more likely to be dehydrated and we’re producing more Vitamin D because of sun exposure, both of which result in more concentrated urine with crystals developing.
  3. Rosacea: a skin condition with redness on the face can get worse over the summer, most likely because of sun exposure. Heat and humidity can lead to flare-ups, but sunscreen and staying out of the sun should help.
  4. Your skin: takes a beating during the summer. Please, please use sunscreen with at least SPF 15, as skin cancer is the most common cancer. You can also exfoliate for skin health, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and most of all, skip the tanning bed. It’s just not worth it.

Our health so often takes the back seat to everything else in our lives. I know, my to-do list is just as terrifying! But it helps if we remember that without our health, we won’t be able to spend time with our friends and family, sitting by the crackling fire, with a cold drink beach-side, or moseying along a boardwalk. Staying healthy isn’t just for us, it’s for all of them too. If you have a concern about any of these, or other health problems, schedule a visit today with the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

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