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Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Use Your Hairdryer for This!


As colors begin to brighten up our world outside, you can add some brightness to your walls using crayons and a hairdryer, of all things. You may have seen something called “crayon art” if you frequent Pinterest or crafting stores. We’re bringing you a quick tutorial for a fun craft with astonishing results. As you take advantage of the warmer weather, bring some of the colors into your space to freshen up your home!

Melted Crayon Art


  • Crayola crayons – box of 64 suggested. Stick with name brand here, because lower quality crayons won’t work
  • Foam board or a white canvas
  • Glue – Elmer’s works fine
  • A hairdryer
  • Newspapers or towels to protect your area
  • Painter’s tape or cardstock if you’d like a pattern or cutout design


First, if you’d like a pattern, add some painter’s tape on your surface. You could do stripes, chevron, or even some abstract shapes. If you’d like a cutout, cut some cardstock into a shape you’d like – a flower, heart(s), or maybe even a silhouette of a family member.

Next, glue all your crayons along the edge of the canvas or foam core, flat edge along the outer edge. Put them in the order you want the colors to flow down the canvas – ombre, at random, or the order of the rainbow.

Now, holding the board at an angle or standing it against a wall, aim your hairdryer toward the middle or bottom of the crayons, between the brand name on the label and the tips. We recommend you stick with the medium setting – if you use the high setting, wax might splatter everywhere. As the wax starts to melt, move your dryer around to maneuver the wax around. Note that blue and purple shades melt the fastest. The wax will start to dry while you work, so you can go over areas a few times as needed.

Once you feel like the melting patterns look how you’d like, you’re finished! Add a quote over the wax, remove your painter’s tape or cutout, and your rainbow art is ready to be displayed!

This project can be especially fun with kids as they watch the crayons melt and the colors blend.

As you look for ways to live a healthy, full life, trying out new hobbies or hands-on projects can be fun! If you’re looking to maintain a healthy life in other ways, feel free to schedule a visit today with the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. If your mood swings are keeping you from staying calm and having fun with your kids, it might be your hormones. You can learn about how to regulate your hormones in our free webinar, found here.

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