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A Workout that Works Best for Your Shape


Peach, pear, apple, or plum? We’re unfortunately not talking about pies. We’re talking about using your body type to select your workout – not to de-emphasize flaws, but to support your assets!

A major part of keeping your body (and your mind! and spirit! and emotions!) healthy is to exercise regularly. We know it’s not something everybody loves, but there are so many ways to stay in shape, we’re sure you can find one!

If you’d like to target certain areas, depending on your body type, we’ve got some ideas for you. This week, we’re providing some workouts you can focus on to accentuate the features you’re most proud of and work with the shape you have.

Workouts for Your Shape

Pear: If you’re wider in your lower half than on top, you can focus on toning your arms and shoulders. Actions such as tricep dips, push presses, and bicep curls can tone the major muscles in your arms and shoulders. You can also aim for regular cardio and some core workouts to tighten all over.

Curvy: If you have an hourglass figure, with a bigger chest and hips than waist, you can tackle whole-body workouts. Attacking your legs will make them strong and curvy, and focusing on your arms and shoulders will add definition to the area that stands out.

Straight: You can add some curves by focusing on your core, to slim and define it. You can also target your glutes to add some curves for a party in the back.

Athletic: Broad shoulders and narrow hips call for some shape to your rear and thighs. Add in some squats and lunges, and also focus on your core to slim it down and add more emphasis on your lower half.

No matter your shape, there are ways you can emphasize your assets while making your body as strong as it can be. The stronger you are, the healthier you can be to enjoy your life and your family.

If you have any questions on how to become healthy or how to start an exercise routine, schedule a visit today with the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. Exercise can be a great way to help regulate your hormones. Learn more about how to deal with hormones in our free webinar, found here.

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