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The Best Exercise for Your Heart


It’s easy to think that any workout is good for your body and for your health, right? And while many activities train your heart well, they can be hard on your body. You want to get the best workout you can, bettering your health, and making use of your precious time to get the right results for your heart and your body!

Which is Best?

According to a cardiologist, the following exercises are best for your heart without wearing and tearing too much on your body:

1. Interval training: The best for preventing heart disease and diabetes, as well as losing weight. You’ll want to combine short bursts of almost-everything-you-have effort with slightly longer periods of active recovery – walking or weight lifting. Keeping your heart rate going up and down helps you burn calories, improves the function of your cardio system, and helps your body become more efficient at clearing fat and sugar out of your bloodstream.

2. Total body, nonimpact sports: The more muscles involved in an activity, the harder your heart has to work, and the better shape it will be in. Swimming is a great choice, as are rowing, cross-country skiing, and walking with walking poles.

3. Weight training: This is very similar to interval training, because you’re upping your heart rate while you lift reps, and then slowing it down while you take a break between sets. Making your muscles stronger helps ease the work your heart has to do to keep your body functioning. Free weights build more muscle than using machines, as they engage your core and help build your balance as well.

4. Working your core: Choosing workouts such as golf, Pilates, and yoga will help your whole body function better throughout the day, diminishing back pain and helping you complete tasks faster. These workouts also improve your body’s flexibility and balance.


In contrast, some of the worst workouts you can undertake are running long distances on pavement. While it can help your heart, it causes a lot of injuries over time, and it wears out our body and creates many aches and pains. Also, adding in any intense exercise in which you’re not experienced, whether it’s shoveling snow for a day, going for a 15-mile bikeride, or trying to swim a half mile your first time back in the pool can all be problematic. Your body releases adrenaline when it’s working out too intensely, which can prompt a heart attack.

Most importantly, find a way to workout that you enjoy – don’t pick something that you feel tortured doing. Even if you think swimming is the best, but you hate getting wet and the chlorine in a pool, then don’t worry about it! For more information on how you can keep your heart or your body healthy schedule a visit today by clicking below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. Working out can help with hormone regulation. If you think your life could be improved by better controlling your hormones, you can find out more about them in our free webinar, found here.

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