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A Calendar of Fitness


Many of us make goals for fitness in a new year. Whether it’s to improve a certain skill, like running, or lose weight, or just feel healthier and have more energy, that’s a great goal. And you can get there without slogging the same workout in every day. If you’d rather mix it up, you can follow a workout calendar that will tell you what to do every day. Similar to a couch to 5K, but with a whole slew of workouts you can choose from.

The Calendar Plan

  • Day 1: Pick a form of cardio and complete fat-burning intervals
  • Day 2: Workout your core
  • Day 3: Rev your metabolism with a run
  • Day 4: Add in a yoga workout
  • Day 5: Take a break with some easy movement, like a walk
  • Day 6: Fire up your core with a body balance workout
  • Day 7: Add some cardio to your day
  • Day 8: Use your body weight to tone
  • Day 9: Incorporate fat-burning intervals with cardio
  • Day 10: Work every muscle group in your body
  • Day 11: Pick some calming yoga moves
  • Day 12: Rest day
  • Day 13: Finish faster – run with negative split times, reducing your time as you up your pace!
  • Day 14: Use your body weight to workout and tone
  • Day 15: Pick any cardio you want, and mix it up with intense intervals
  • Day 16: Use dumbbells to tone a couple of major muscle groups
  • Day 17: Work out your whole body, head to toe
  • Day 18: Tone with yoga
  • Day 19: Swim slow, steady laps for some water recovery
  • Day 20: Torch calories with dumbbells again
  • Day 21: Complete short burst intervals with your cardio
  • Day 22: Jump, twist, and lift, doing a full-body circuit
  • Day 23: Put in half an hour of your favorite cardio
  • Day 24: Lift weights
  • Day 25: Lengthen and strengthen with yoga and leg-heavy poses
  • Day 26: Stretch your muscles
  • Day 27: Run on the treadmill or outside
  • Day 28: Complete a full-body circuit with weights
  • Day 29: Rev your metabolism with intervals
  • Day 30: Take it slow for some active recovery
  • Day 31: Pick your favorite workout and put everything you have into it, so you finish dripping with sweat

You can see that this workout has a lot of freedom to pick different activities, and since it’s different every day, you’ll keep your muscles continually toning and strengthening.

If you’re wondering about other ways keep your body healthy in this new year, or have a question you’ve been meaning to ask a doctor, schedule a visit today by clicking below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. Do you use workouts to help regulate your hormones? If it’s an extreme problem, you might want to discuss it with a doctor. Find out more about hormones in our free webinar, found here.

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