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How-To for Goal Making


With a new year often comes new goals. And that’s a good thing – to better yourself, to create good things for your family, and to more enjoy life.

In January, we’re all about the goals. In February, we’re usually trying to hang on still. By March though, we’re often off the wagon, and life has taken over.

So how can we make a goal stick? We’ve got other priorities to juggle too, it’s not like we can just stop making dinner or running errands. From Forbes magazine, here are several ways to stay on track.

What to Do

1. Make it visual. Something you see every day can really help you instill it as a habit, especially if it’s graphic in nature, rather than just written down as part of a list. Make a Pinterest board of some healthy recipes, cut out a photo in a magazine, or make calendar appointments for you to follow.

2. Tell other people about it. A close friend, or even a group of friends, can help keep you accountable. Share the goal itself, and the detailed steps you plan to take to get there. Share your setbacks, and your milestones!

3. Take it in steps. Reaching a giant goal, such as losing 30 pounds, is only possible if you think about it in smaller chunks. So set up a game plan to reach the goal, say, five pounds a month. If it’s a savings goal for a big vacation, figure out the total cost, then start setting aside that money automatically every month.

4. Set a date. Have an end date for your goal, and it doesn’t have to be a year away. Something you could tackle by Easter, or by summer, etc. If you want to run a marathon, pick the one you want, and then put your training plan together to get there.

5. Be realistic. Becoming a champion weightlifter or wearing a size zero might be too lofty. But you can definitely fit into a brand new sexy dress, or bring your blood pressure down into healthier levels with some effort.

6. Commit to you. Remember, you set these goals for you. You’re the only one who has to do the work, to take the steps. If you fail, re-commit to yourself to make it through.

Setting goals can be a healthy reset for your life. Take some time to think about healthy changes you’d like to make. If you need assistance pinpointing ways you can improve your body or lifestyle, schedule a visit today by clicking below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

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