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You Don’t Have to Live Like That

Whether you’ve had children or not, sometimes we all have trouble with leakage. In fact, about one in every three women over age 30 suffer from urinary incontinence. Most often, it’s a symptom of another underlying problem, and the good news is it’s not inevitable because of aging or being a woman. Since November is Bladder Health Month, we’ll be addressing the topic in this month’s posts!

Are you at risk?

Some activities or lifestyle choices make you at risk for urinary incontinence:

  • $1·         Smoking
  • $1·         Diuretic medications
  • $1·         Physical impairment conditions, such as multiple sclerosis
  • $1·         Obesity
  • $1·         Caffeine intake
  • $1·         Constipation
  • $1·         High-impact physical activities
  • $1·         Heavy lifting activities
  • $1·         Some medical conditions, such as diabetes

If you suffer from incontinence, visit a medical professional. They can run a urine test to identify any infections and perform an exam, as well as some additional options such as having you keep a bladder diary, looking into your bladder with a scope, or measuring the amount of leakage when you exercise.

Some basic steps you can take to help alleviate the situation include avoiding fluids that can irritate the bladder (like caffeine), losing weight, avoiding high-impact activities, and ceasing to smoke. Doctors can also help you perform strengthening exercises, or get fitted for a device to provide support and stop leakage. Occasionally, surgery might be necessary.

If you suffer from leakage and would like to help solve the problem, schedule a visit today by clicking below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. Your hormones can also be a factor in health concerns, and you can find out more about them in our free webinar, found here.

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