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A Watercolor Autumn

It’s one of the prettiest times of year. And the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania combined with the many rivers and streams, wide open skies, farmland, and endless open spaces all make for a very photographic backdrop to our days. If you fancy yourself an amateur photographer, you can take some great shots with a tool as simple as your smartphone. And even if you’re no great shutterbug, there are plenty of apps on the market to take your effort and turn it into something memorable and beautiful for your home.

Watercolor Your Photos

The next time you’re out for a stroll, on a pretty drive, or perhaps biking on some back county road, take some snapshots with your phone of a pretty scene. Next, download the Waterlogue app for $2.99 from your device’s app store. You can upload the photo and the app will automatically transform it into a vibrant watercolor. The app pays attention to the vivid colors found in each photo, and you can save the photo and print to use in any number of ways: a wall hanging, a gift, turning into coasters or placemats, or even a gift tag.

To see some beautiful examples, log in to Facebook or Twitter and search for #waterlogue. Just viewing others’ creations with the app can be inspiring!

Adding beauty to your life with easy steps like these is both fun and relaxing! For other ways to brighten your days and make sure you’re living life the best that you can be, check in on your health by scheduling a visit today through clicking below. If you feel like you can’t quite reach that plateau of peace or happiness, your hormones could be at fault. Find out more about them in our free webinar here.We look forward to hearing from you!


Dr. Julie Drolet


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