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A Brighter, Fresher Look

Most of us have tablecloths and placemats, but those can seem old and stale after so many uses. To spruce up your table without investing in more, you can do this simple craft to make your next night in or late summer party even more fun!

Stamped Paper Runner


  • Banner paper
  • Ink pads in summery colors – pink and blue and yellow
  • Summery stamps, such as a hydrangea, a butterfly, the sun, or a nautical theme
  • A colored pen, such as red or purple


Apply ink to a flower or butterfly stamp, then stamp along both edges of the runner for the length of your table. You can follow the edge or a wave curve all the way down.

Next, apply ink to another stamp, such as a butterfly, and then create a few small circles down the center of the runner. For a one-time use, you can then write each guests name above their place setting, or for ongoing use, add a quote about summer or friendship to the paper. When you’re done, your table will be fun, summery, and brighter than ever whether you’re entertaining or having a delicious brunch with your family.

Crafts like this can be relaxing and with such beautiful results. For other ideas on how to refresh your days or improve your mental or physical health, schedule a visit today by clicking below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet


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