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Look Good, Get Stronger, Feel Sexier

Now that shorts and tank top season has arrived, we might be more motivated to work out than we were in the winter. And even though we know it’s healthy, exercising so easily falls to the low end of the priority list. There’s chores, happy hour, and the very strong pull of our pillows at night. And in the morning. And sometimes during the day.

In addition to the logical reasons we need to work out (Good for our bodies, makes us feel great and energized, our clothes fit better), there’s always this reason: Adorable workout clothes. No matter what your style, you can find clothes that make you look cute even while you sweat, which will make you look even cuter – maybe after a shower ;)

The Clothes for You

  • Snazzy ¾ leggings – leopard print in blue black or purple are both comfy and make your legs look great while you work those lunges or runs ($30).
  • For some smooth running shorts that are reversible, try a triangle pattern from Adidas ($35)
  • If you like a looser-fitting shirt, try out one of Nike’s v-neck tees, this one in royal purple ($25)
  • For a more form-fitting tank to get your sweat on in, Victoria’s secret makes a very cute black one with different highlight colors ($40)
  • For another layer, try this active-fleece hoodie in any color! ($25)
  • Liner socks in teals and grey are perfect for any workout ($24 for 3 pairs)

Of course, you’ll also need a sports bra and some workout shoes providing the best support you can get. For both, head to a store that specializes in those items so you can get exactly the fit you need for your foot type and what the ladies’ need for support!

You’ll feel ready to workout the moment you put on your new items, and your body will thank you for it!

If you need any other support to start some healthy habits or want to talk to a doctor about any physical concerns you have, schedule a visit today by clicking below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. If you’re having trouble getting to the clothing size you want, it could be related to your hormones. Check out our free webinar to understand how. 

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