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Spring Fitness for Your Summer Outfits

It’s finally, officially Spring! No more sweaters and de-icing your windshield, no trying to convince yourself to put on your gym clothes and then sit in your cold car just to get to the gym. Time for running outside, and grass, and sunshine!

Your “Summer’s On Its Way” Workout

Pull out those leggings and tank, grab your best workout playlist, and have at this great workout you can do at the gym or at your house – it’s all running and bodyweight!

Interval 1:

  • Run for 10 minutes
  • 20 lunges, alternating legs
  • 1 minute of regular and/or reverse crunches
  • 5 pushups

Interval 2:

  • Run 10 minutes (see if you can beat the distance from Interval 1!)
  • 20 squats with a one-leg kick-back
  • 1 minute of bicycle crunches
  • 5 pushups

Interval 3:

  • Run 10 minutes
  • 20 plie squats
  • 1 minute plank
  • 5 pushups

If any of those steps seems a bit easy to you – up the ante. You can run for 15 minutes, do 15 pushups instead of 5, or double your number of lunges/squats for each interval. Every little bit will help you get out of those winter blues and start toning up for the sunshine!

Getting a good workout most days each week is one of the most influential steps we can take – for our physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s rather amazing what improving this one area of your life can do for all the other areas of your daily activities! If you’d like more ideas on how you can improve your health, or want to talk to a physician about your physical activity, schedule a visit with your doctor today by clicking below. If you’re tight on time, feel free to learn a bit about our practice and how we can help women with balancing their hormones in particular with our free webinar here.




Dr. Julie Drolet

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