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Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Workout?

You might have found that you like to work out at home – fewer people to see you in your sweaty gym clothes, flexibility of when to fit it in, or just the ease of a video or routine you can manage. Or maybe you don’t want to pay for membership, or hate the crowds at a gym – especially earlier in the year when it’s mobbed!

So let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of your home workouts, whatever style you like – bodyweight, dance videos, or weight training with some stair-running!

Get The Most

  • Don’t do the same routine every time you workout. Have a decent sample size of moves you choose from, and mix them up every time you workout – this is what builds muscle.
  • Add weights – free weights, children, a bag of rice – anything to help continue toning and building strength. 
  • Add harder levels of moves you already do. Feel good about your speed and reps for pushups? Buy a pullup bar (Target sells them!) and really tone your body all over. Feel like you have lunges or squats down pat? Add weights held at your shoulders. Your core just got a whole new challenge. 
  • Update how long you rest between sets. If you do two minutes, cut that in half. If you do under a minute, cut it down to 30 seconds. Shocks your muscles and helps burn more calories. 
  • Use motivation tools – pump your music, turn off your phone, and sweat your butt off! You’ll get a great workout!
If you’re looking for working out from home moves to try, here’s a quick list for you: squat jumps, jumping jacks, burpees, pushups, pullups, supermans, bicycles, leg raises, planks, squats, deadlifts, lunges, wall sits, tricep dips, and bicep curls.

Now you just want to go eat some pie and avoid your sports bra, right?? But do yourself – your heart, your waist size, your energy levels, and your future health – a favor. Spend 30 minutes in those exercise clothes putting in all you’ve got, then go eat some pie. You won’t regret it!


If you’re looking for other ideas to maintain your health, or have got a nagging concern you keep putting off a doctor’s visit for, make an appointment with us today by clicking below. We look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Julie Drolet

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