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How to Make That Resolution Stick


New Year’s resolution time comes around, well, every year. And how many of us are successful at setting goals we manage to keep, if only for a few weeks? Even goals we’ve always dreamed of accomplishing, or goals that might be relatively easy to do. So how can we change that this year? Well, first let’s talk about what not to do. :)


  1.    Too Many: Pick only one or two goals. It’s hard to make drastic changes in your life, let alone several.

  2. Wrong Focus: We take great notice of our failures, but hardly mention our successes. Let’s switch that.

  3. Guilt: We can’t change the past. And our goals aren’t mandatory choices – they’re just improvements we’d like to make. So lose the guilt.

  4.  Check Back: Not reviewing your goal(s) makes it easy to lose sight of it.

  5. Find Meaning: Don’t just set a goal for the sake of doing so. It needs to be something important to you.

What TO Do

Stick with one

Tell a friend

Write it down

Break it down into action steps

Reward yourself

If you do all five of these things, you’re very likely to succeed with your goal! Try partnering with a friend to accomplish the same goal, or make a point into checking in on your progress every week or every month.

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Dr. Julie Drolet

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