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Tone It Up Indoors

As those chilly temperatures creep into our lives, it’s not so fun to go for a run or do a quick body workout outside. Even getting in gear and head to the gym seems to take more effort: it’s dark, you don’t want to leave your warm covers or couch, and you have to put on three more layers just to get there. So stay in your house! Clear a space and put your workout clothes on, and try out this indoor workout you don’t even need equipment for.

For this workout, complete as many reps as you can in 45 seconds, then pause for a breath before moving onto the next move.

1. Jog in place.

2. Run in place with high-knees.

3. Start in plank position on your hands, then go down to your left forearm and then right forearm, maintaining the plank the whole time. Then straighten your left arm and then your right. Repeat.

4. Start in plank position again, this time pulling one leg forward and placing your foot flat on the floor outside of your hand. Jump to switch legs, trying to keep your abs and hips in line with your shoulders. Alternate legs quickly.

5. Start in a wide-leg squat, then jump to a squat with your feet spaced in line with your hips, then quickly jump your feet together with a mini squat. Jump to the start, and repeat.

6. Jumping jacks, but instead of arms overhead each time, the first jump, arms straight out in front at shoulder level, second jump, arms straight out to sides, repeat.

7. Burpees (squat, jump to pushup position, drop to floor, jump feet in toward hands, then jump straight up).

8. High jumps, jumping straight up and bringing thighs parallel to the floor.

9. Boxer shuffle with high kick. Get into as close to a full squat as you can and shuffle quickly three steps to one side, then kick your outside leg – kick fast instead of terribly high. Repeat on the other side, going back and forth.

This workout should take less than ten minutes even with a few breathing breaks as you go. The cardio combined with the bodyweight toning is a great for your heart, your muscles, and your pants size. Especially during the holiday season when you’re short on time and want to enjoy that pie! For other ideas on how to hang onto your health and make choices that are good for you during a hectic season, click here to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely, Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. Regular exercise is a great way to manage menopause symptoms. To learn more about hormones and how they affect you at every stage of life, check out our free webinar.

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