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Knife-Free Pumpkin Crafts

Jack-o-lanterns are the quintessential Halloween craft. But between the slimy seeds, fighting over patterns, and the danger of knives, it can be a ball of stress for the adult in charge.


Instead of slicing and dicing this Halloween, entertain your kiddos with some knife-free pumpkin crafts!


Here are six safe and cute pumpkin crafts…so you can leave the knife in the drawer.


Sparkles. Use a paintbrush to paint glue over the surface of the pumpkin. When the glue is still wet, stick on sequins or sprinkle on glitter to make your pumpkin shine. If using loose glitter, you may want to pour it over the pumpkin into a cardboard box to save your kitchen from a glitter bomb!


Mummies. Wrap pumpkins in gauze and glue, leaving a little room for the eyes near the top. Then, glue on two googly eyes to create your mummy head.


Buttons. This one involves a little prep work on Mom/Dad’s part. First, scoop out the seeds and pierce a few pilot holes in the pumpkin. Using a plastic needle and yarn, kids can attach buttons to their pumpkins, sewing the yarn through the pilot holes.


Fishnets. Cut a leg off of a pair of fishnet stockings. Push the stem through the top (you may need to rip a little hole) and tie the stockings off at the bottom. Snip off any extra fabric and paint the stems black to complete the look.


Pom poms. Start by painting your pumpkin white. Once dry, dab on some glue to add colorful pom poms all over. You can stick to one color, a mix of a few, or go crazy and use rainbow colors.


Decoupage. Cut shapes out of tissue paper (I love the idea of autumn leaves or ghosts!). Paint some glue onto the surface of the pumpkin, lay on your tissue paper shapes, and seal with another coat of glue.


Voila! There’s really no wrong way to decorate pumpkins — just have fun with it. Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Halloween!


Nixing the knife with Halloween crafts is a smart, preventative way to stay safe. Routine check-ups are too! Make sure your body is healthy and prevent any big problems down the line by sticking to a regular appointment schedule. Call us at 717-840-9885 or click on the button below to set up an appointment today.


Dr. Julie Drolet

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