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A Mindset Trick to Help You Stick to Any Fitness Routine

Something I’ve noticed over and over again in my patients (and even myself) is how hard it is to stick to a fitness routine.


It usually goes a little something like this:


We get really motivated and know that this time, we’re going to change our lives for good. We’re finally going to fit into those skinny jeans / run that marathon / master that lotus position.


So we join a gym, buy some new workout gear, and jump into the new routine head-on. The first few workouts are hard but our motivation powers us through. The sweat feels good and sore muscles are a badge of honor. Green smoothies taste like heaven. We’re warrior goddesses on a mission.


And then…life happens.


Work projects keep us at the office late. The soccer team carpool falls through and little Sasha needs a ride to practice. We’re out of groceries and a quick stop at the drive-through feels so much easier than the fresh salad we know we should eat.


We start to skip our workouts, vowing to get back on the wagon when things cool off. And that inevitably leads us right back to where we started.


What happened? And how do we fix it?


Here’s a mindset trick to help you stick to your fitness routine, for good. Are you ready for it?


Focus on the inside, not the outside.


It’s simple, but it works.


Most of us focus on outer results: the numbers on the scale, how our clothes fit, and how many people tell us we look fabulous. But the truth is, the outer picture just isn’t a powerful enough reason to keep us going when the going gets tough. (And let me tell you, the going always gets tough at some point.)


When faced with a choice (ex: go to the gym or put on sweats and watch TV,) it’s really tempting to throw in the towel if your goal is to look better. Looking great is nice, but it’s not quite as nice as curling up with Netflix and a few slices of pizza. It’s not strong enough motivation — and that’s why so many of us fall off the workout wagon.


But when you make it your goal to strengthen your body and improve your health, that all changes.


Every workout does make a difference, whether or not the number on the scale budgets. Working our hearts, our lungs, and our muscles has a drastic impact on our health, and every little bit counts. It adds years to our lives and keeps our bodies strong. It reduces our risk for just about every disease on the planet. The human body needs exercise, and every single workout has a cumulative effect.


So the next time you start a fitness routine, skip a weight, size, or appearance goal. Instead, make your goal to improve your health and take care of your body. When you’re tempted to skip a workout, think about all the benefits it will have on your overall health. And remember that every workout has a cumulative effect. I bet it will give you the motivation you need.


We love talking about mental tricks to keep your body strong, and you can always give us a call at 717-840-9885 or click the button below to chat about it! 


Dr. Julie Drolet

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