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Why Non-Invasive Procedures Can Be The Best Option

If you’re wondering what exactly da Vinci surgery is and how it can help you if you had your tubes tied, read on!

Da Vinci surgery is one of the most advanced surgical tools available right now. With it, your doctors can provide minimal scarring to your skin, the highest-quality surgery, and a quick recovery time. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, and because of the technology, you’ll have less chance of fallopian tube scarring.

In a typical tubal reversal surgery using da Vinci robotics, one small incision is made in the belly, about 10 millimeters wide (less than half an inch!). Three even smaller incisions are also made. The success of the surgery is dependent on the method used when your tubes were tied. For those with clips or rings placed on the tubes, success is very likely. For women with part of the tube removed (often occurring directly following delivery), it’s likely the procedure can be reversed. In some cases, tubes that have been burned might be too damaged to repair, although your doctor can advise your specific situation.

Women under 35 have the most likely chance of a strong repair to their fallopian tubes. If you are older than 37, you should have a conversation about other ways that might be more cost effective for conception, such as in-vitro fertilization.

Unfortunately, tubal reversal is not able to be covered by health insurers, as it is considered insurance fraud. However, many practices offer reasonable rates to repair your fallopian tubes and start you on your way to expanding your family!

For more help with tubal reversal procedures, feel free to download our report, The Facts About Tubal Reversal, available here. And you can contact us to schedule an appointment at 717-840-9885 or by clicking on the button below. 



Dr. Julie Drolet

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